Irish Martyred Laymen

WALTER AYLMER connected with the Eustaces; suffered in Dublin, 1582.

GEOFFREY BARON, nephew of Luke Wadding; member of Supreme Council and agent of Irish Confederates to France; hanged at Limerick, 1651. 

PATRICK BROWNE, convert and alderman of Dublin; died (? 1613), after imprisonment.

JOHN DE BURGO [Burke], Lord of Brittas, near Limerick; hanged at Limerick, 1606.  

[Sir] THEOBALD DE BURGO [Burke], 3rd Viscount Mayo; excepted from pardon by Act of 1652; tried and shot at Galway, 1653.

EDWARD BUTLER, son of Lord Mountgarret; hanged in Dublin, 1652. 

THADDAEUS CLANCY, of Ballyrobert; aided the Earl of Desmond; beheaded in Co. Limerick, 1584.

MAURICE EUSTACE, Jesuit novice in Flanders; hanged, 1581.


DOMINICK FANNING, Alderman and Mayor of Limerick, 1646, DANIEL O'HIGGIN, Physician, THOMAS STRITCH, once Mayor of Limerick, a strong supporter of the Nuncio; hanged at Limerick in 1651. 

ROBERT FITZGERALD, a religious controversialist; hanged at Dublin, 1581.

MICHAEL FITZSIMON, native of Fingall, son of a magistrate; put to death, 1591.

GEOFFREY GALWAY, M.P. for Limerick City, 1634, son of Sir Geoffrey, Mayor of Limerick; hanged in Limerick, 1651. 

PATRICK HAYES [O'Hea? Hay?], of Wexford; died on release from prison, Dublin, 1581.

MATTHEW LAMPORT, of Wexford; hanged, 1581.

BERNARD Mac BRIODY [Bruodin]; hanged, 1652.

THOMAS MACCREITH [MacGrath or Creagh], uncle of Bishop of Cork; beheaded, 1600.

HUGH Mac MAHON, an Ulster noble; imprisoned and hanged at London, 1643.

CORNELIUS MAGHIRE [Conor Maguire], Baron of Enniskillen; seized with Hugh Mac Mahon; put to death in London Tower, 1644.

PETER MEYLER. [Miller], native of Waterford or Wexford; on returning from Spain he was executed at Galway or Wexford, 1588. 

ROBERT MYLER [Miller], EDWARD CHEEVERS, JOHN O'LAHY, PATRICK CANAVAN [Cavanagh], natives of Wexford; hanged; 1581, for conveying priests to France.

DONOUGH or DONAT O'BRIEN; slain, 1651.

JAMES, BERNARD, and DANIEL O'BRIEN (brothers); hanged in Nenagh, 1651.

JOHN O'CONNOR (Kerry); hanged in Tralee, 1652.

THADDAEUS O'CONNOR, Sligo; hanged at Boyle, 1652.

LOUIS O'FERRAL, Longford chief; died in Athlone prison, 1651.

DANIEL O'HANNAN, native of Ulster; died in prison, 1581.


FELIX O'NEILL; hanged in Dublin, 1652.

PATRICK PURCELL, Croagh, near Adare; fought in the Imperial Army against Sweden and France; returning to Ireland fought in the Confederate War, and became Major-General; executed at Limerick, 1651.

CHRISTOPHER ROCHE, native of Wexford; studied at Louvain; arrested in Bristol; suffered in Newgate, London, 1590. 

ROBERT SHERLOCK, son of a judge; hanged, 1581.

DANIEL or DAVID SUTTON, JOHN SUTTON, of Castletown (Kildare); hanged, 1581.

FRANCIS TAILLER [Taylor], Sheriff (1586), Alderman and Mayor (1595) of Dublin; died after a long imprisonment in Dublin, 1621.

WILLIAM WALSH [Willick] and OLIVER PLUNKETT; slain at Smerwick, 1580.

WILLIAM WOGAN; hanged in Dublin, 1581.

Suffered for the Faith but not listed among the Martyrs

Twenty-Two Elderly Men; unable to flee and killed by troops in Munster in June, 1580.
James Dowdall. Prominent citizen of Athboy, County Meath. Endured repeated periods of imprisonment for providing hospitality to priests. Eventually released and died at his home, year unknown.

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