Irish Cistercian Martyrs

ABBOT AND 40 BRETHREN, Convent of Mayo or Manisternenay, Limerick; slain circa 1591.

PRIOR AND BRETHREN of Abbey of Graigue-na-managh; slain, 1584.

LUKE BERGIN; studied at Douay; Abbot of Baltinglass; slain, 1655, with secular priests Daniel O'Brien and James Murchu (Murphy).

JAMES EUSTACE, slain, 1620 (? 1581 ).

NICHOLAS FITZGERALD, hanged in Dublin, 1581.

EDWARD MULLIGAN, slain at Balayeroin, near Clones, 1643.

PATRICK O'CONNOR, of noble Connaught birth, put to death together with Malachy O'Kelly, 1585.

GELASIUS O'CULLENAN, born in Ulster; Abbot of Boyle; put to death in Dublin, 1580, Owny Mulcheran (see Premonstratensian Martyrs)

EUGENE O'GALLAGHER, Abbot of Assaroe, Donegal; slain, 1606. 

MALACHY O'KELLY, of the Monastery of Boyle; put to death together with Patrick O'Connor , 1585.

BERNARD O'TREIVIR, of Assaroe; slain, 1606.

MALACHY SHIEL, born in Iveagh, Co. Down; hanged at Newly, 1642.

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