Irish Martyred Priests

THOMAS BATH; slain in Drogheda, 1649.

HUGH CARRIGY, native of Thomond, where he was a Parish Priest; suffered with Roger Ormilio, 1652.

PHILlP CLEARY, diocese of Raphoe; studied at Irish College, Rome; put to death, 1642.  

EUGENE CRONIN [Uaithne cron or Owny crone], put to death with Gelasius O'Cullenan, O.Cist., Abbot of Boyle in Dublin, 1580;  may be the same person as Owny Mulcheran, O.Cist, hanged in Dublin, 1580.

DANIEL DELANEY, Parish Priest of Arklow; hanged, 1653. 

WALTER FERNAN, diocese of Leighlin; racked to death in Dublin, 1597.

BERNARD [Brian FitzTurlogh] FITZPATRICK, of Ossory; slain, 1652.

RICHARD FRENCH, diocese of Ferns; died in prison at Wexford, 1581.

JOHN LUNE [Lyng], of Wexford; hanged in Dublin, 1610.

DONAT or DONOUGH Mac CRIED [McRedy, MacAready]; hanged at Coleraine, 1609.

DANIEL MOLONEY [Donogh O'M.], V.G. of diocese of Killaloe; died of torture in prison in Dublin, 1601.

BERNARD MORIARTY, V.G. of Dublin; taken at Multyfarnham; died in Dublin Castle, 1596 (?1601); perhaps same as Brian Murchertagh.

THOMAS MORRISSEY; slain in Cashel, 1647.  

BRIAN MURCHERTAGH [McMortagh], Archdeacon and V.G. of Clonfert [? Clonmncnoise]; Dean of Ardagh; died a prisoner in Dublin, 1601; perhaps same as Bernard Moriarty, V.G. of Dublin; taken at Multyfarnham; died in Dublin Castle, 1596 (?1601)

JAMES MURCHU [MURPHY], diocese of Ferns; slain, with Daniel O'Brien, in Wexford, 1655.

DANIEL O'BRIEN, Dean of Ferns; hanged in Wexford, 1655.  

BERNARD O'CAROLAN, diocese of Leighlin; hanged at Dublin, 1606.

DONOUGH O'CRONIN, cleric; hanged at Cork, 1601.

PATRICK O'DERRY [O'Deery], native of Ulster; hanged at Derry, 1618.

 DONOUGH O'FALVEY; hanged at Cork, 1601.

JOHN O'GRADY (O'Greaddy), put to death, 1584.

JAMES O'HEGARTY, of Inishowen; killed near Buncrana, 1711.

JOHN O'KELLY, of Connaught [Louth ?]; died at Dublin, 1601. 

MAURICE O'KENRAGHTY [MacK., McEnight, or Kent ], native of Kilmallock; hanged in Clonmel, 1585.

LAUGHLIN O'LAVERTY; put to death, 1615, in Derry with laymen Brian O'Neill, Art O'Neill, Rory O'Kane, Godfrey O'Kane and Alexander Mac Sorley.

 PATRICK O'LOUGHRAN ; hanged with Cornelius O'Devany at Dublin, 1612.

LAURENCE O'MORE, executed at Smerwick, 1580.

ROGER ORMILIO [Normile?], born in Thomond; Parish Priest at Brentire, Co. Clare, for thirty years; hanged, 1652. 

AENEAS PENNY, parish priest of Killagh, where he was slain, 1582.

GEORGE POWER, D.D., and V.G. of diocese of Ossory; died in Dublin, 1599.

EDWARD (?) STAPLETON; slain in Cashel, 1647.

THEOBALD STAPLETON, diocese of Cashel; put to death in Cashel, 1647.

JOHN STEPHENS, Chaplain to Fiach MacHugh O'Byrne of Wicklow; hanged, 1597.

ANDREW STRITCH, diocese of Limerick; educated at Paris; died in prison in Dublin about 1594.

JOHN WALSH, native and V.G. of Dublin; died in Chester jail, 1600.

HENRY WHITE, of Leinster; hanged in Racconell, 1645. 

NICHOLAS YOUNG, born at Newtown., Trim; died in prison in Dublin, 1600.

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