Irish Jesuit Martyrs

 JOHN BATH; killed at Drogheda, 1649, with his brother Thomas (secular priest).

WILLIAM BOYTON, born in Munster; slain at Cashel, 1647.

EDMUND Mac DANIELL [Daniell or MacDonnell], born and taught in Limerick; captured bringing letters from the Pope to James Fitzmaurice; hanged at Cork, 1575.

ROBERT NETTERVILLE; suffered in Drogheda, 1649.

DOMINIC O'COLLINS [O'Cuilein or O'Cullane or O'Cullen], born at Youghal 1553; fought in the French and Spanish armies; became a Jesuit lay-brother, 1598; hanged, 1602.

Jesuit Martyrs not included on the Official List of Irish Martyrs
John Meagh, Cork native shot at at Kuttenburg (Kutn√° Hora), near Prague, May 31, 1639.

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