Official List of the Irish Martyrs (1918)

Below is the official list of Irish Martyrs published in 1918 in The Irish Ecclesiastical Record. It is an extremely useful list as it gives the martyrs' names in English rather than Latin. It is divided into five distinct historical periods covering the years 1537-1714. There are 258 individuals in all, classified by religious rank and membership of religious orders, with separate categories for laymen and women, plus brief biographical details for each of them. In addition there are bibliographical references supplied in most cases, largely relating to the 1896 work Our Martyrs by Father Denis Murphy S.J.



Irish Catholics will welcome the publication of the following list of those who, it is confidently claimed, died for the Faith in Ireland, and whose Cause for Beatification and Canonization is at present under investigation by his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin, acting by delegation from the Holy See.

The names printed in small capitals are an English version, in the original order and spelling, of the names given in the Latin Articuli, published in the I. E. RECORD of March and April, 1916. In some instances, where the latinized forms given in the Articuli might possibly cause some difficulty, variants of the names are added. A few details have been.given to help in the identification of the Servants of God whose Cause is being investigated, and a reference is appended in parentheses in connexion with each case, indicating where fuller particulars of the case may be easily obtained.

The most convenient books of reference are two popular works: one compiled by the first Vice-Postulator of the Cause, the late Rev. Denis Murphy, S.J., entitled Our Martyrs (Dublin: Fallon & Co., 1896); the other by Major Myles O'Reilly, entitled Memorials of those who Suffered for the Catholic Faith in Ireland (London: Burns & Oates & Co., 1868). These books, both now out of print, will be found in most of our public libraries. To facilitate investigation, the pages referred to in Father Murphy's work are indicated. In cases omitted by Father Murphy, other accessible authorities are given.

PERIOD I (1537-1603)


1. DERMOT O'HURLEY, born at Lycadoon in Limerick, 1519; educated in Belgium, professor at Louvain and Rheims; Archbishop of Cashel 1581; tortured and put to death in Dublin 1584. (Murphy, 126.)

2. RICHARD CREAGH, born at Limerick; educated at Louvain; Archbishop of Armagh, 1564; died in the Tower of London, 1586. (Murphy, 166.)

3. EDMUND MACGAURAN, Archbishop 1587; slain at Tulsk, 1598. (Murphy, 199.)

4. WILLIAM WALSH, Cistercian; Bishop of Meath, 1554; died at Alcala, 1577, as a result of many years imprisonment. (Rothe, 882.)

5. PATRICK O'HEALY, O.S.F., educated at Alcala; Bishop of Mayo, 1576; hanged at Kilmallock, 1579. (Murphy, 100.)

6. MAURICE O'BRIEN [or Murtagh McBrien], Bishop of Emly, 1567; Irish agent in Rome and Spain; died in prison in Dublin, 1587. (Murphy, 193.)

7. REDMUND GALLAGHER, Bishop of Derry, 1569; slain near Derry, 160l. (Murphy 210.)

8. EUGENE MacEGAN, Bishop-elect of Ross; slain, 1603. (Murphy, 222. )

Secular Priests

9. EUGENE CRONIN [Uaithne cron or Owny crone], put to death with No. 28 in Dublin, 1580; perhaps the same as No. 27 (b). (Murphy, 114.)

10. LAURENCE O'MORE, executed at Smerwick, 1580. (Murphy, 118.)

11. RICHARD FRENCH, diocese of Ferns; died in prison at Wexford, 1581. (Murphy, 117.)

12. AENEAS PENNY, parish priest of Killagh, where he was slain, 1582. (Murphy, 124.)

13. JOHN O'GRADY (O'Greaddy), put to death, 1584. (O'Sullivan, Decas  Patritiana.)

14. MAURICE O'KENRAGHTY [MacK., McEnight, or Kent ], native of Kilmallock; hanged in Clonmel, 1585. (Murphy, 155.)

15. ANDREW STRITCH, diocese of Limerick; educated at Paris; died in prison in Dublin about 1594. (Murphy, 201.)

16. BERNARD MORIARTY, V.G. of Dublin; taken at Multyfarnham; died in Dublin Castle, 1596 (?1601); perhaps same as Brian Murchertagh, No. 25. (Murphy, 206. )

17. JOHN STEPHENS, Chaplain to Fiach MacHugh O'Byrne of Wicklow; hanged, 1597. (Murphy, 207.)

18. WALTER FERNAN, diocese of Leighlin; racked to death in Dublin, 1597. (Murphy, 206.)

19. GEORGE POWER, D.D., and V.G. of diocese of Ossory; died in Dublin, 1599. (Murphy, 209.)

20. JOHN WALSH, native and V.G. of Dublin; died in Chester jail, 1600. (O' Reilly, 138.)

21. NICHOLAS YOUNG, born at Newtown., Trim; died in prison in Dublin, 1600. (Murphy, 209.)

22. DANIEL MOLONEY [Donogh O'M.], V.G. of diocese of Killaloe; died of torture in prison in Dublin, 1601. (Murphy, 210.)

23. DONOUGH O'CRONIN, cleric; hanged at Cork, 1601. (Murphy, 212.)

24. JOHN O'KELLY, of Connaught [Louth ?]; died at Dublin, 1601. (Murphy, 212.)

25. BRIAN MURCHERTAGH [McMortagh], Archdeacon and V.G. of Clonfert [? Clonmncnoise]; Dean of Ardagh; died a prisoner in Dublin, 1601; perhaps same as No. 16. (Murphy, 206.)

26. DONOUGH O'FALVEY; hanged at Cork, 1601. (Murphy, 213.)


27.  (a) JOHN KIERAN, a Canon Regular, or (b) OWNY MULCHERAN a Cistercian; hanged, l580, with No. 28. (Henriquez Menologium; Spicilegium Ossor., iii. p. 41.)


28. GELASIUS O'CULLENAN, born in Ulster; Abbot of Boyle; put to death in Dublin, 1580, with No. 27. (Same reference.)

29. NICHOLAS FITZGERALD; hanged in Dublin, 1581. (Murphy, 120.)

30. PRIOR AND BRETHREN of Abbey of Graigue-na-managh; slain, 1584. (Murphy, 154.)

31.  32. PATRICK O'CONNOR, of noble Connaught birth, and MALACHY O'KELLY of the Monastery of Boyle; put to death together, 1585. (Murphy, 165.)

33. ABBOT AND 40 BRETHREN, Convent of Mayo or Manisternenay, Limerick; slain circa 1591. (Murphy, 192.)


34. FATHER MAcFERGE [McFerris] AND 20 BRETHREN of the Priory of Coleraine; put to death during Elizabeth's reign. (Dominican Annalists.)

35. THE 32 BRETHREN of the Priory of Derry slain during Elizabeth's reign. (Same reference.)


36, 37, 38. CONOR MACUARTA [M'Court], RORY CONGAILL [McC., McCole], FERGAL WARD; put to death, 1575 (?). Ward was a native of Tyrconnell and Guardian of Armagh. (Murphy, 90.)

39. 40, 41. EDMUND FITZSIMON, DONOUGH O'ROURKE, and JOHN O'LOCHRAN of Down Convent; hanged, 1576 (?) (Murphy, 94.)

42. CORNELIUS O'ROURKE of princely family; companion in travels and martyrdom of Patrick O'Healy, Bishop of Mayo (No. 5), 1579. (Murphy, 100. Some authorities state he was a Cistercian.)

43. THADDAEUS or THOMAS O'DALY [Teig O'Dulan]; hanged at Limerick, 1571. (Murphy, 106.)

44. JOHN O'DOWD, of the Convent of Moyne, diocese of Killala; put to death, 1577-1579. (Murphy, 108.)

45. DANIEL O'NEILAN (O'Doilean]; lived some time in Spain; suffered at Youghal in 1580. (Murphy, 111.)

46, 47, 48. PHILIP O'LEA [O'Shea], MAURICE O'SCANLON, and DANIEL HIMRECAN [Donogh O'Hanrahan]; slain at Lislachtin, 1580, (Murphy, 112.)

49, 50, 51, 52 53, 54. CHARLES MacGORAN, RORY O'DONNELLAN, PETER O'QUILLAN, PATRICK O'KENNA, JAMES or JOHN PILLANUS [Pillin], RORY O'HANLON [O'Hanly?, MacEnlea?]; died in prison in Dublin circa 1582. (Murphy, 125.)

55. PHELIM O'HARA, lay-brother, of noble Sligo family; slain at Moyne, diocese of Killala 1578 or 1582. (Murphy, 97.)

56. HENRY DELAHOYDE [Armstrong?], lay-brother, of a noble Leinster family; stated to have suffered with No. 55. (Murphy, 97.)

57. THADDAEUS O'MERAN [O'Morochue, Murphy], Guardian of Enniscorthy 1582. (Murphy, 126.)

58. JOHN O'DALY; done to death, 1584. (Murphy, 153.)

59. DONAT or DONOUGH O'HURLEY [O'Murley], Sacristan of Muckross Convent (Irrelach); killed, 1586. (Murphy, 194.)

60. JOHN CORNELIUS [O'Connor?], of the Convent of Askeaton; ordained 1581, martyred, 1587 (?1581.) (Murphy, 195.)

61, 62. DERMOT O'MULRONEY, native of Thomond, Superior of Galbally; and BROTHER THOMAS AND HIS COMPANION; beheaded, 1588 (? 1570.) (Murphy, 92.)

63, 64, 65. JOHN O'MOLLEY, CORNELIUS O'DOGHERTY, CALFRIDUS O'FARREL; hanged at Abbeyleix, 1588. (Murphy, 197.)

66. THADDAEUS O'BOYLE, Guardian of Donegal, where he suffered, 1588. (Murphy, 195.)

67. PATRICK O'BRADY [or Ward], Guardian of Monaghan, where he suffered with others of his community, 1589. (Murphy, 89.)

68. MATTHEW O'LEYN; pierced when flying from Convent of Kilcrea in Muskerry, 1590 (?1599.) (Murphy, 198.)

69, 70, 71. TERENCE MAGENNIS [Turlough M'Inisky ?], died in Dublin Castle. LOUGHLIN MAC O'CADHA [M'Alea ?], MAGNUS O'FODHRY [Manus O'Fury], of Multyfarnham; died in prison at Ballyboy, 1591. (Murphy, 199.)


72. EDMUND Mac DANIELL [Daniell or MacDonnell], born and taught in Limerick; captured bringing letters from the Pope to James Fitzmaurice; hanged at Cork, 1575. (Murphy, 109; Father Hogan's Distinguished Irishmen, p. 16.)

73. DOMINIC O'COLLINS [O'Cuilein or O'Cullane or O'Cullen], born at Youghal 1553; fought in the French and Spanish armies; became a Jesuit lay-brother, 1598; hanged, 1602. (Father Hogan's Distinguished Irishrnen, 79; Murphy, 213.)


74, 75. WILLIAM WALSH [Willick] and OLIVER PLUNKETT; slain at Smerwick, 1580. (Murphy, 113, 114.)

76, 77. DANIEL or DAVID SUTTON, JOHN SUTTON, of Castletown (Kildare); hanged, 1581. (Murphy, 118.)

78. ROBERT SHERLOCK, son of a judge; hanged, 1581. (Murphy, 118.)

79. MATTHEW LAMPORT, of Wexford; hanged, 1581. (Murphy, 119.)

80, 81, 82, 83. ROBERT MYLER [Miller], EDWARD CHEEVERS, JOHN O'LAHY, PATRICK CANAVAN [Cavanagh], natives of Wexford; hanged; 1581, for conveying priests to France. (Murphy, 120.)

84. PATRICK HAYES [O'Hea? Hay?], of Wexford; died on release from prison, Dublin, 1581. (Murphy, 123.)

85. DANIEL O'HANNAN, native of Ulster; died in prison, 1581. (Murphy, 124.)

86. MAURICE EUSTACE, Jesuit novice in Flanders; hanged, 1581. (Murphy, 121.)

87. ROBERT FITZGERALD, a religious controversialist; hanged at Dublin, 1581. (Murphy, 118.)

88, 89, 90. WALTER EUSTACE, THOMAS EUSTACE, CHRISTOPHER EUSTACE; hanged, 1582. (Spicil. Ossor. , I. 101.)

91. WILLIAM WOGAN; hanged in Dublin, 1581. (Murphy, 118.)

92. WALTER AYLMER connected with the Eustaces; suffered in Dublin, 1582. (Rothe's Analecta, 390.)

98. THADDAEUS CLANCY, of Ballyrobert; aided the Earl of Desmond; beheaded in Co. Limerick, 1584. (Murphy, 148.)

94. PETER MEYLER. [Miller], native of Waterford or Wexford; on returning from Spain he was executed at Galway or Wexford, 1588. (Murphy, 196.)

95. CHRISTOPHER ROCHE, native of Wexford; studied at Louvain; arrested in Bristol; suffered in Newgate, London, 1590. (Murphy, 198.)

96. MICHAEL FITZSIMON, native of Fingall, son of a magistrate; put to death, 1591. (Catalogue of Father Henry Filzsimon, S.J.)

97. PATRICK BROWNE, convert and alderman of Dublin; died (? 1613), after imprisonment.(O'Reilly, 189.)

98. THOMAS MACCREITH [MacGrath or Creagh], uncle of Bishop of Cork; beheaded, 1600. (Lynch, De Praesulibus.)


99. ELEONOR BIRMINGHAM, widow of Bartholomew Ball; died at Dublin in prison, 1584. (Murphy, 149.)

PERIOD II (1603-1625)


100. CORNELIUS O'DEVANY, O.S.F., born in Ulster; visited Rome and Belgium; Bishop of Down and Connor, 1582; hanged in Dublin, 1612. (Murphy, 238.)

Secular Priests

101. BERNARD O'CAROLAN, diocese of Leighlin; hanged at Dublin, 1606. (Murphy, 220.)

102. DONAT or DONOUGH Mac CRIED [McRedy, MacAready]; hanged at Coleraine, 1609. (Murphy, 237.)

103. PATRICK O'DERRY [O'Deery], native of Ulster; hanged at Derry, 1618. (Murphy, 258.)

104. JOHN LUNE [Lyng], of Wexford; hanged in Dublin, 1610. (Murphy, 238.)

105. PATRICK O'LOUGHRAN ; hanged with Cornelius O'Devany at Dublin, 1612. (Murphy, 238.)

106. LAUGHLIN O'LAVERTY; put to death, 1615, in Derry, with Nos. 117-121. (O'Reilly, 183.)


107. EUGENE O'GALLAGHER, Abbot of Assaroe, Donegal; slain, 1606. (Murphy, 220.)

108. BERNARD O'TREIVIR, of Assaroe; slain, 1606. (Murphy, 220.)

109. JAMES EUSTACE; slain, 1620 (? 1581 ). (Murphy, 260.)


110. JOHN O'LUIN [O'Lynn]; hanged, 1607. (Murphy, 236.)

111. DONOUGH O'LUIN [O'Lynn], Prior of Derry; hanged, 1608. (Murphy, 286.)

112. WILLIAM Mac GOLLEN [Mcllhoney, McGiolla Choinne], of Coleraine Convent; died, 1614. (Dominican authorities.)


113. THOMAS FITZGERALD, of the Demond family; educated in Spain; Commissary and Visitor of Irish Province; died in prison at Dublin, 1617. (Murphy, 257.)

114. JOHN HONAN [Mc Connan], of Connaught; hanged at Dublin, 1617 or 1618. (Murphy, 259.)

115. JOHN CATHAN [O' Kane] of Buttevant Convent; died in prison at Limerick, 1622. (Murphy, 262.)


116. JOHN DE BURGO [Burke], Lord of Brittas, near Limerick; hanged at Limerick, 1606. (Murphy, 222.)

117, 118, 119, 120, 121. BRIAN O'NEILL, ART O'NEILL, RORY O'KANE, GODFREY O'KANE, and ALEXANDER Mac SORLEY; hanged at Derry, 1615. (O'Reilly, 183.)

122. FRANCIS TAILLER [Taylor], Sheriff (1586), Alderman and Mayor (1595) of Dublin; died after a long imprisonment in Dublin, 1621. (Murphy, 260.)

PERIOD III (1625-1649)


128. EDMUND DUNGAN, Bishop of Down and Connor, 1625; died in prison in Dublin, 1628. (Murphy, 262.)

124. MALACHY O'QUEELY, Archbishop of Tuam, 1680; studied in Paris; V.G. of Killaloe; slain at Sligo, 1645. (Murphy, 302).

Secular Priests

125. PHILlP CLEARY, diocese of Raphoe; studied at Irish College, Rome; put to death, 1642. (Murphy, 292.)

126. HENRY WHITE, of Leinster; hanged in Racconell, 1645. (Murphy, 304.)

127. THEOBALD STAPLETON, diocese of Cashel; put to death in Cashel, 1647. (Murphy, 307.)

128. EDWARD (?) STAPLETON; slain in Cashel, 1647. (Murphy, 307.)

129. THOMAS MORRISSEY; slain in Cashel, 1647. (Murphy, 307.)


130. MALACHY SHIEL, born in Iveagh, Co. Down; hanged at Newry, 1642. (Murphy, 283.)

131. EDWARD MULLIGAN; slain at Balayeroin, near Clones, 1643. (Murphy, 301.)


132. PETER O'HIGGINS, Prior of Naas; hanged, 1641. (Murphy, 271.)

133. CORMAC Mac EGAN, lay-brother; hanged, 1642. (Murphy, 292.)

134. RAYMUND KEOGH, of Priory of Roscommon; hanged, 1642. (Murphy, 291.)

130. RICHARD BARRY, of Cork, Prior of Cashel; slain there, 1647. (Murphy, 306.)

l36. JOHN O'FLAVERTY [O'Laverty], Prior of Coleraine; slain, 1647. (Murphy, 862.)

137, 138. GERALD FIT'ZGERALD, and DAVID FOX, the former a cleric and the latter a lay-brother of the Priory of Kilmallock; slain, 1648. (Murphy, 308.)

139. DONALD O'NEAGHTEN, lay-brother of Roscommon Priory; slain, 1648. (Murphy, 309.)

140. JAMES O'REILLY, preacher and poet; laboured at Waterford; slain at Clonmel, 1648. (O'Heyne, Irish Dominicans, 108.)


141. FRANCIS O'MAHONY, born at Cork, where he was Guardian; studied in Spain and Belgium; hanged at Cork, 1642. (Murphy, 287-291.)

142. HILARY CONROY, born in Co. Roscommon, of Elphin Convent; hanged at Castlecoote, 1642. (Murphy, 286.)

143. CHRISTOPHER DUNLEVY [Ultagh]; studied in Spain; preached in Ulster; died in Newgate Prison, London, 1644. (Murphy, 300.)

144, 145. RICHARD BUTLER and JAMES SAUL, the former a theologian and the latter a lay brother; perished in Cashel, 1647. (Murphy, 307.)


146, 147. THADDAEUS O'CONNELL and AUGUSTINE HIGGINS; put to death with Malachy O'Queely, 1645. (Murphy, 302-303.)


148. THOMAS AQUINAS A JESU; hanged at Drcgheda, 1642. (Murphy, 275.)

149. ANGELUS A S. JOSEPH [George Halley ], born in Herefordshire, 1622; professed in Ireland; studied at Drogheda; killed, 1642. (Murphy, 280.)

150. PETER OF THE MOTHER OF GOD, born in Dublin; became a lay-brother; hanged there, 1643. (Murphy, 292-7.) (For the above see also I. E. RECORD, June, 1916.)


151, 152. CORNELIUS O'CONNOR and EUGENE O'DALY, natives of Adare; drowned returning from France, 1641. (Murphy, 297.)


153. WILLIAM BOYTON, born in Munster; slain at Cashel, 1647. (Murphy, 306.)


154. HUGH Mac MAHON, an Ulster noble; imprisoned and hanged at London, 1643.

155. CORNELIUS MAGHIRE [Conor Maguire], Baron of Enniskillen; seized with Hugh Mac Mahon; put to death in London Tower, 1644.


156, 157. ELIZABETH KEARNEY and MARGARET OF CASHEL; killed in Cashel, 1647.

PERIOD IV (1649-1660)


158. HEBER Mac MAHON. Bishop of Clog her, 1643; put to death in Enniskillen, 1650.

159. BOETIUS EGAN, born at Duhallow, Co. Cork; educated in Spain. Bishop of Ross, 1647; hanged, 1650. (Murphy, 318.)

160. TERENCE ALBERT O'BRIEN; educated in Spain; Prior of Limerick; Bishop of Emly, 1649; hanged at Limerick, 1651. (Murphy 330.)

Secular Priests

161. THOMAS BATH; slain in Drogheda, 1649. (Murphy, 312.)

162. ROGER ORMILIO [Normile?], born in Thomond; Parish Priest at Brentire, Co. Clare, for thirty years; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 346.)

163. HUGH CARRIGY, native of Thomond, where he was a Parish Priest; suffered with No. 162, anno 1652. (Murphy, 347.)

164. BERNARD [Brian FitzTurlogh] FITZPATRICK, of Ossory; slain, 1652. (Murphy, 351.)

165. DANIEL DELANEY, Parish Priest of Arklow; hanged, 1653. (Murphy, 354.)

166. DANIEL O'BRIEN, Dean of Ferns; hanged in Wexford, 1655. (Murphy, 360.)

167. JAMES MURCHU [MURPHY], diocese of Ferns; slain, with No. 166, in Wexford, 1655. (Murphy, 362.)


168. LUKE BERGIN; studied at Douay; Abbot of Baltinglass; slain, 1655, with Nos. 166 and 167. (Murphy, 362.)


169, 170. DOMINICK DILLON, Prior of Urlar, and RICHARD OVETON, Sub-Prior of Athy; beheaded at Drogheda, 1649. (Murphy, 310.)

171. STEPHEN PETIT, Prior of Mullingar; slain in Ballinacurra, 1649. (? circa 1642). (Murphy, 291.)

172, 173. PETER COSTELLO and WILLIAM LYNCH, of Strade, where the former was Superior; put to death, 1649. (Murphy, 321.)

174. MYLER MacGRATH; educated at Lisbon where he was Vicar and Procurator; hanged at Clomnel, 1650. (Murphy, 320.)

175, 176. LAURENCE and BERNARD O'FERRAL; put to death at Longford, where the latter was Prior, 1651. (Murphy, 326.)

177. AMBROSE AENEAS O'CAHILL, of Cork; slain, 165l. (Murphy, 319.)

178. EDMUND O'BEIRNE, born at Roscommon; beheaded at Jamestown near Carrick-on-Shannon, 1651. (Murphy, 328.)

179. JAMES WOULF, born at Limerick; hanged, 1651. (Murphy, 337.)

180. VINCENT GERARD DILLON, of the Convent of Athenry; Vicar at Lisbon; died, 1651, in prison at York. (Murphy, 336.)

181, 182. JAMES MORAN and DONATUS NIGER (Duff?] lay-brothers; slain, 1651. (Murphy, 338.)

183. WILLIAM O'CONNOR, Priory of Clonmel; slain,1651. (Murphy, 321.)

184. THOMAS O'HIGGIN; hanged in Clonmel, 1651. (Murphy, 337.)

185. JOHN O'CULLEN [Collins], of Athenry Convent; slain at Limerick, 1652. (Murphy, 343.)

186. DAVID ROCHE, Prior of Glenworth, in Cork; transported to the Barbadoes; where he suffered, 1653. (De Burgo, Hib. Dom., 571.)

187. BERNARD O' KELLY, lay-brother, Roscommon Priory; hanged at Galway, 1653. (Murphy, 355.)

188. THADDAEUS MORIARTY, Doctor of Theology and Prior of Tralee; hanged, at Killarney, l653. (Murphy, 353.)

189. HUGH Mac GOILL [McGill], Novice- master at Rathbran; slain at Waterford, 1658. (Murphy, 357.)


190. BERNARD HORUMLEY [O'Gormley]; hanged at Drogheda, 1649. (Murphy, 309.)

191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197. RICHARD SYNNOT, JOHN ESMOND, PAUL SYNNOT, RAYMUND STAFFORD, PETER STAFFORD, DIDACUS CHEEVERS AND JOSEPH  ROCHFORD. The first was a professor of Theology and sometime Guardian; the last two were lay-brothers, all natives of Wexford; perished in massacre of 1649. (Murphy, 315.)

198. EUGENE O'LEMAN [O'Teman]; killed in Donegal Convent, 1650 (1649 ?). (Murphy, 313.)

199. FRANCIS FITZGERALD, of noble Munster family; hanged in Cork, 1650. (Murphy, 317.)

200, 201. ANTHONY MUSAEO [Hussey] and WALTER De WALLIS (Walsh], natives of Leinster; hanged at Mullingar, 1650. (Murphy, 317.)

202. NICHOLAS WOGAN; hanged in Leinster, 1650. (Murphy, 320.)

205. DENIS O' NEILAN, born at Ennis; Parish Priest of Kilraghty; spent five years in France; hanged on the Island of Inchicronan, 1651. (Murphy, 321-3.)

204. PHILIP FLASBERRY, native of Johnstown, near Naas; hanged near Dublin, 1651. (Murphy, 329.)

205. FRANCIS O'SULLIVAN of princely family; became Provincial, 1650; shot in Kerry, December, 1651. (Murphy, 327.)

206. JEREMIAH DE NERIHINI [McInerny], born at Tradree in Thomond; lay-brother at Quin; hanged there, 1651. (Murphy, 325.)

207. THADDAEUS O'CARAGHY, of Thomond; studied in Hungary and Austria; hanged at Ennis, 1651. (Murphy, 324.)

208. WILLIAM HICKEY, of Thomond; hanged, 1651. (Murphy, 329.)

209. ROGER DE MARA [McNamara]; professed at Quin Abbey; killed in Clare Castle, 1651. (Murphy, 324.)

210. HUGO Mac KEON, born and professed in Armagh; died in Athlone Prison, 1651. (Murphy, 324.)

211. DANIEL CLANCHY, of Thomond; lay-brother at Quin; hanged there, 1651. (Murphy, 325.)

212. NEILL LOUGHRAN, of Ulster; professed at Armagh; hanged at Derry, 1652. (Murphy, 344.)

218. ANTHONY O'FARREL; put to death at Tulsk, 1652. (Murphy, 345.)

214. ANTHONY BRODER, of Galway family; a deacon; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 352.)

215. EUGENE O' CAHAN [O'Kane], of Thomond; studied in Rome; taught in Naples; opened a school in Quin in 1641; Guardian of Convent of Ennis; hanged in Slieve Luachra in Munster, 1652. (Murphy, 347.)

216. JOHN FERALL; put to death, 1652. (Murphy, 345.)

217. BONAVENTURE DE BURGO [Burke], of Mayo family; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 350.)

218. JOHN KEARNEY, born at Cashcl, 1617; hanged in Clonmel 1658. (Murphy, 338.)

219. BERNARD CONNY [McGiolla Choinne], of Connaught; filled various offices in Irish Province; Guardian of St. Anthony's Louvain; died in prison in Galway, 1654. (Murphy, 357.)


220. PETER TAAFFE, brother of Viscount Taaffe; Prior of Drogheda; put to death, 1649. (Murphy, 312.)

221. WILLIAM TIRREY; studied in France and Spain; hanged at Clonmel, 1654. (Murphy, 358.)


222. ROBERT NETTERVILLE; suffered in Drogheda, 1649. (Murphy, 310.)

223. JOHN BATH; killed at Drogheda, 1649, with his brother Thomas (No. 161). (Murphy, 312.)


224. DONOUGH or DONAT O'BRIEN; slain, 1651. (Murphy, 330.)

225, 226, 227. JAMES, BERNARD, and DANIEL O'BRIEN (brothers); hanged in Nenagh, 1651.
228, 229, 230. DOMINICK FANNING, Alderman and Mayor of Limerick, 1646, DANIEL O'HIGGIN, Physician, THOMAS STRITCH, once Mayor of Limerick, a strong supporter of the Nuncio; hanged at Limerick in 1651. (Murphy, 333, 335.)

231. LOUIS O'FERRAL, Longford chief; died in Athlone prison, 1651. (Murphy, 327.)

232. GEOFFREY GALWAY, M.P. for Limerick City, 1634, son of Sir Geoffrey, Mayor of Limerick; hanged in Limerick, 1651. (Murphy, 332.)

233. PATRICK PURCELL, Croagh, near Adare; fought in the Imperial Army against Sweden and France; returning to Ireland fought in the Confederate War, and became Major-General; executed at
Limerick, 1651. (Murphy, 334.)

234. [Sir] THEOBALD DE BURGO [Burke], 3rd Viscount Mayo; excepted from pardon by Act of 1652; tried and shot at Galway, 1653.

235. GEOFFREY BARON, nephew of Luke Wadding; member of Supreme Council and agent of Irish Confederates to France; hanged at Limerick, 1651. (Murphy 334.)

286. THADDAEUS O'CONNOR, Sligo; hanged at Boyle, 1652. (Murphy, 350.)

237. JOHN O'CONNOR (Kerry); hanged in Tralee, 1652. (Murphy, 345.)

288. BERNARD Mac BRIODY [Bruodin]; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 349.)

239. FELIX O'NEILL; hanged in Dublin, 1652. (Morison, Threnodia.)

240. EDWARD BUTLER, son of Lord Mountgarret; hanged in Dublin, 1652. (Murphy, 351.)


241. BRIDGET DARCEY, wife of Florence Fitzpatrick of Ossory; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 351.)
242, 243. HONORlA De BURGO [Burke] and HONORIA MAGAN; died from hardships at Saints Island, Clew Bay, 1653. (Murphy, 355.)

PERIOD V (1660-1714)


244. PETER TALBOT, born 1620; became a Jesuit 1635; educated at Lisbon and Rome; taught theology at Antwerp; visited Ireland during the Confederate Wars; acted as confidential agent for the exiled Charles II in Flanders and Spain; left the Society, 1659; consecrated Archbishop of Dublin at Antwerp, 1669; held Diocesan Synods and took a prominent part in Irish ecclesiastical affairs and controversies; banished in 1673, he was back in England in 1676 and in Ireland, 1678; imprisoned in Dublin Castle for alleged complicity in "Popish Plot," October, 1678; died there in 1680, leaving many writings as a result of his various activities. (Murphy, 364.)

Secular Priest

245.  JAMES O'HEGARTY, of Inishowen; killed near Buncrana, 1711. (Tradition.)


246. RAYMUND O'MOORE of Dublin Convent; studied in Spain and Lisbon; died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, 1665. (Murphy, 363.)

247. FELIX O'CONNOR; studied in Spain; Prior at Louvain and Sligo; died in Sligo Jail, 1679. (O'Heyne, Appendix, 102.)

248. JOHN KEATING; resided some time at Louvain; died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, 1703.

249. CLEMENT O'CALLAGHAN [O'Colgan], of Priory of Derry; studied in Spain; visited France and taught in Rome; died in Derry Prison, 1704. (O'Reilly, 365.)

250. DANIEL Mac DONNELL, of Urlar; died in Galway jail, 1707.

251. FELIX Mac DONNELL [McDowell] Priory of Tulsk ; educated at Valladolid; taught in Sardinia; died in prison in Dublin, 1707. (De Burgo, 586.)

252. DOMINIC Mac EGAN, of Tralee; studied in Spain; died in prison in Dublin, 1713. (De Burgo, 587.)


253, 254. DONOUGH or DONAT KENNEDY, hanged in 1652, and DONOUGH or DONAT SERENAN [O'Srynan] hanged, 1651. (Murphy, 360.)

265. FULGENTlUS JORDAN; hanged, 1642. (Murphy, 360.)

256. RAYMUND O'MALLEY ; hanged, 1651. (Murphy, 360.)

257. THOMAS TULLIS [Tully); hanged, 1651. (Murphy, 360. )

258. THOMAS DEIR, lay-brother; hanged, 1652. (Murphy, 360.)


Bro. Reginald Cruz said...

Dear Marccella. Congratulations for this great work. I imagine that you exerted so much patience and perseverance to come up with this blog and its methodical lists. Just a correction regarding the above list of the Irish martyrs. The decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites of 12 February 1915 (published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis and The Ecclesiastical Review of 1915) explicitly stated that the number of recognized presumed martyrs was "biscentum quinquagintaseptem", i.e. 257. Archbishop Peter Talbot (no. 244 above) is not part of this list. I hope this information is helpful. [I am the general moderator of the Hagiography Circle]

Marcella said...

Thank you very much indeed for this information, Brother Reginald. I have found it extremely difficult to access reliable lists of the martyrs and I have no access to the official documentation. So, thank you again for this correction, it is most helpful.

Bro. Reginald Cruz said...

Dear Marcella. Your list is correct. I rechecked our file of the Irish Ecclesiastical Record on a suspicion. The June 1917 edition (pp. 509-512) indicate the official insertion of Archbishop Peter Talbot in the previous list of 257 by a decree of the Congregation of Rites dated 28 February 1917. However, you should also know that another decree of the same Congregation (dated 13 August 1919) added to these 258 presumed martyrs the Capuchin priests Fiacre Tobin from Kilkenny and John Baptist Dowdall from Ulster whose cause was introduced on 23 July 1919 (cf. Acta et Decreta Causarum Beatificationis et Canonizationis O.F.M.Cap., pp. 550-53) - thus putting the total to 260. After the beatification of the 17 Irish Martyrs in 1992, the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference proceeded with the study of the remaining 243 causes and decided that 42 of them have sufficient proofs for their "causa martyrii" to proceed. On 12 February 2000, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints issued the rescript on the validity of the diocesan Inquiry for Richard Creagh and 41 Companions. For a list of those in this cause, see That leaves 201 from the original 260 whose causes had been deferred [in Latin, "dilati"] due to the difficulty of assembling sufficiently cogent proofs of martyrdom. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thanks again for your great work.

Marcella said...

Thank you again for taking this trouble, Brother Reginald, I am indebted to you. Keeping track of all these lists is quite a challenge for me as a lay amateur. I was aware of the two Capuchins and I am also delighted to have your reliable list of those involved in the cause of Richard Creagh and 41 companions. My aim at this blog is to raise awareness among our own people of our native martyrs and to awaken interest in their cause. Thank you again for taking the trouble to give me this information.