Irish Martyred Bishops and Archbishops


RICHARD CREAGH, born at Limerick; educated at Louvain; Archbishop of Armagh, 1564; died in the Tower of London, 1586.

EDMUND Mac GAURAN, Archbishop 1587; slain at Tulsk, 1598.

DERMOT O'HURLEY, born at Lycadoon in Limerick, 1519; educated in Belgium, professor at Louvain and Rheims; Archbishop of Cashel 1581; tortured and put to death in Dublin 1584. 

MALACHY O'QUEELY, Archbishop of Tuam, 1580; studied in Paris; V.G. of Killaloe; slain at Sligo, 1645.

PETER TALBOT, born 1620; became a Jesuit 1635; educated at Lisbon and Rome; taught theology at Antwerp; visited Ireland during the Confederate Wars; acted as confidential agent for the exiled Charles II in Flanders and Spain; left the Society, 1659; consecrated Archbishop of Dublin at Antwerp, 1669; held Diocesan Synods and took a prominent part in Irish ecclesiastical affairs and controversies; banished in 1673, he was back in England in 1676 and in Ireland, 1678; imprisoned in Dublin Castle for alleged complicity in "Popish Plot," October, 1678; died there in 1680, leaving many writings as a result of his various activities.

Saint Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh


EDMUND DUNGAN, Bishop of Down and Connor, 1625; died in prison in Dublin, 1628.

BOETIUS EGAN, born at Duhallow, Co. Cork; educated in Spain. Bishop of Ross, 1647; hanged, 1650. 

REDMUND GALLAGHER, Bishop of Derry, 1569; slain near Derry, 160l.

EUGENE Mac EGAN, Bishop-elect of Ross; slain, 1603.

HEBER Mac MAHON. Bishop of Clogher, 1643; put to death in Enniskillen, 1650.

MAURICE O'BRIEN [or Murtagh McBrien], Bishop of Emly, 1567; Irish agent in Rome and Spain; died in prison in Dublin, 1587.  

TERENCE ALBERT O'BRIEN; educated in Spain; Prior of Limerick; Bishop of Emly, 1649; hanged at Limerick, 1651.

CORNELIUS O'DEVANY, O.S.F., born in Ulster; visited Rome and Belgium; Bishop of Down and Connor, 1582; hanged in Dublin, 1612.

PATRICK O'HEALY, O.S.F., educated at Alcala; Bishop of Mayo, 1576; hanged at Kilmallock, 1579. 

WILLIAM WALSH, Cistercian; Bishop of Meath, 1554; died at Alcala, 1577, as a result of many years imprisonment.  

Also Suffered for the Faith but not Included on the Official List of Irish Martyrs
Edmund Tanner (1526-1579), former Jesuit priest who returned from European exile, appointed Bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 1574, imprisoned and tortured, died June 4 1579. 


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Glaisne Ó Cuileannáin, the martyr.” Also see Archivium Hibernicum Vol 1, an article on the good bishop of Raphoe by John MacErlean.

Eoin Ó Cuileannáin, Bishop of Raphoe, 1625-1661
John MacErlean
Archivium Hibernicum
Vol. 1 (1912), pp. 77-121
Published by: Catholic Historical Society of Ireland
DOI: 10.2307/25485456
Page Count: 45,_volume_11.djvu/237

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