Irish Augustinian Martyrs

THOMAS DEIR, lay-brother; hanged, 1652.  

FULGENTlUS JORDAN; hanged, 1642.

DONOUGH or DONAT KENNEDY, hanged in 1652,

THADDAEUS O'CONNELL and AUGUSTINE HIGGINS; put to death with Archbishop Malachy O'Queely, 1645.

RAYMUND O'MALLEY; hanged, 1651. 

DONOUGH or DONAT SERENAN [O'Srynan] hanged, 1651. 

PETER TAAFFE, brother of Viscount Taaffe; Prior of Drogheda; put to death, 1649.

WILLIAM TIRREY; studied in France and Spain; hanged at Clonmel, 1654.

THOMAS TULLIS [Tully); hanged, 1651.

Venerable John Travers,  O.S.A.

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