Irish Dominican Martyrs

The Irish Dominican Martyrs (Article by R. O'Neill)

Father Ulick de Burgh, Irish Dominican said to have been hanged during The Pilgrimage of Grace in the north of England c.1536. 

FATHER MAcFERGE [McFerris] AND 20 BRETHREN of the Priory of Coleraine; put to death during Elizabeth's reign.

THE 32 BRETHREN of the Priory of Derry slain during Elizabeth's reign.

RICHARD BARRY, of Cork, Prior of Cashel; slain there, 1647.

PETER COSTELLO and WILLIAM LYNCH, of Strade, where the former was Superior; put to death, 1649. 

DOMINICK DILLON, Prior of Urlar, and RICHARD OVETON, Sub-Prior of Athy; beheaded at Drogheda, 1649.

VINCENT GERARD DILLON, of the Convent of Athenry; Vicar at Lisbon; died, 1651, in prison at York. 

GERALD FITZGERALD, and DAVID FOX, the former a cleric and the latter a lay-brother of the Priory of Kilmallock; slain, 1648.

JOHN KEATING; resided some time at Louvain; died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, 1703.

RAYMUND KEOGH, of Priory of Roscommon; hanged, 1642.

DANIEL Mac DONNELL, of Urlar; died in Galway jail, 1707.

FELIX Mac DONNELL [McDowell] Priory of Tulsk ; educated at Valladolid; taught in Sardinia; died in prison in Dublin, 1707.

CORMAC Mac EGAN, lay-brother; hanged, 1642.

DOMINIC Mac EGAN, of Tralee; studied in Spain; died in prison in Dublin, 1713. 

HUGH Mac GOILL [McGlll], Novice- master at Rathbran; slain at Waterford, 1658.

WILLIAM Mac GOLLEN [Mcllhoney, McGiolla Choinne], of Coleraine Convent; died, 1614.

MYLER MacGRATH; educated at Lisbon where he was Vicar and Procurator; hanged at Clomnel, 1650.

JAMES MORAN and DONATUS NIGER (Duff?] lay-brothers; slain, 1651.  

THADDAEUS MORIARTY, Doctor of Theology and Prior of Tralee; hanged, at Killarney, l653.

EDMUND O'BEIRNE, born at Roscommon; beheaded at Jamestown near Carrick-on-Shannon, 1651. 

TERENCE ALBERT O'BRIEN; educated in Spain; Prior of Limerick; Bishop of Emly, 1649; hanged at Limerick, 1651.

AMBROSE AENEAS O'CAHILL, of Cork; slain, 1651.

CLEMENT O'CALLAGHAN [O'Colgan], of Priory of Derry; studied in Spain; visited France and taught in Rome; died in Derry Prison, 1704.

FELIX O'CONNOR; studied in Spain; Prior at Louvain and Sligo; died in Sligo Jail, 1679. 

WILLIAM O'CONNOR, Priory of Clonmel; slain, 1651.

JOHN O'CULLEN [Collins], of Athenry Convent; slain at Limerick, 1652. 

LAURENCE and BERNARD O'FERRAL; put to death at Longford, where the latter was Prior, 1651. 

JOHN O'FLAVERTY [O'Laverty], Prior of Coleraine; slain, 1647.

THOMAS O'HIGGIN; hanged in Clonmel, 1651. 

PETER O'HIGGINS, Prior of Naas; hanged, 1641.

BERNARD O' KELLY, lay-brother, Roscommon Priory; hanged at Galway, 1653. 

JOHN O'LUIN [O'Lynn]; hanged, 1607.

DONOUGH O'LUIN [O'Lynn], Prior of Derry; hanged, 1608.

RAYMUND O'MOORE of Dublin Convent; studied in Spain and Lisbon; died in Newgate Prison, Dublin, 1665. 

DONALD O'NEAGHTEN, lay-brother of Roscommon Priory; slain, 1648. 

JAMES O'REILLY, preacher and poet; laboured at Waterford; slain at Clonmel, 1648.

STEPHEN PETIT, Prior of Mullingar; slain in Ballinacurra, 1649. (? circa 1642).

DAVID ROCHE, Prior of Glenworth, in Cork; transported to the Barbadoes; where he suffered, 1653.

JAMES WOULF, born at Limerick; hanged, 1651.

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