Irishmen Martyred in England

Mr Ailworth, Irish layman, made his London home available for Mass. Arrested by Recorder of London William Fleetwood and imprisoned in foul conditions where he died after eight days.
Ulick de Burgh, O.P., Irish friar said to have been hanged after celebrating Requiem Mass for those killed during the Pilgrimage of Grace.
John Cornelius, S.J., Born to Irish parents in Cornwall. Acted as chaplain to prominent recusant family of Arundell. Discovered in hiding at their home, Chideock Castle, April 1594 and executed on July 4. 

Vincent Gerard Dillon O.P., of the Convent of Athenry; Vicar at Lisbon; died, 1651, in prison at York.

James Dowdall, layman, merchant from Drogehda, returning from France was forced onto Devon coast by bad weather. Hanged drawn and quartered at Exeter, August 13, 1599 for denying Royal Supremacy.

Father Arthur McGeoghegan, O.P. , returning from Spain he was arrested in London and falsely accused of wishing to kill King Charles I. Found guilty and hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, November 27, 1633.
Christopher Roche, layman from Wexford. Returning home from Louvain was detained in Bristol. Refused Oath of Supremacy and after four months' imprisonment at Newgate was put to the torture of the 'Scavenger's Daughter' and died, December 13, 1590.

John Roche, Irish layman, part of an escape plot led by Saint Margaret Ward to aid Father William Watson. Exchanged clothes with the priest and was arrested in mistake for him. Hanged at Tyburn August 30, 1588. Beatified with English martyrs in 1929. 

Father John Wallis, Irish priest, died in prison in Worcester, January 20, 1582 (may be the same person as Father John Walsh).
Father John Walsh, native and V.G. of Dublin; died in Chester jail, 1600 (may be the same person as Father John Wallis).

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