Irish Carmelite Martyrs

THOMAS AQUINAS Á JESU; hanged at Drogheda, 1642.

ANGELUS Á S. JOSEPH [George Halley ], born in Herefordshire, 1622; professed in Ireland; studied at Drogheda; killed, 1642.

PETER OF THE MOTHER OF GOD, born in Dublin; became a laybrother; hanged there, 1643.


Therese Marie said...

Please could someone tell me
who is the postulator for the 42 Irish Martyrs-
Including ANGELUS of St. JOSEPH (George Halley)

Marcella said...

It is remarkably and unnecessarily difficult to find out this kind of basic information about the 42 martyrs. According to the website of the Hagiography Circle, the postulator is listed as Msgr Ciaran O'Carroll of Dublin.

Hope that is of some help. Angelus is no 20 on their list of the 42.

Therese Marie said...

Thank you very much Marcella, this is very helpful.